Pataki Quits Race, Calls Trump ‘Obnoxious Bewigged Fuckface’ and Challenges Him to Fistfight

On his way out of the 2016 Republican primary, George Pataki says he wants a piece of Donald Trump.

Strapped for Campaign Cash, Rand Paul Shares Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Status

Rand Paul is hoping Mark Zuckerberg can save his dying campaign.

We Asked These 2016 Presidential Candidates What They Wanted for Christmas

Find out what your favorite candidate wants for Christmas here!

Ben Carson’s Reaction to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: Where’s Spock and the TARDIS?

Ben Carson liked the new "Star Wars" film, but felt it was missing a couple key characters.

Carly Fiorina Presents Planned Parenthood Shooter With Baby Warrior Medal of Honor

Carly Fiorina presents Robert Lewis Dear, the Planned Parenthood shooter, with a medal of honor.

Politifact Staffs-Up 25 Fact Checkers Each For Fiorina, Carson Ahead of Debate

The fact checking site is making sure they have extra staff to rate the statements of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

Fuming Fiorina to Ben Carson: I’m the Liar, You’re The Dumb One!

Ben Carson just caught in a lie, and that makes the GOP's preeminent liar in the election very, very mad.

Tea Party/GOP Establishment Set Rules for Upcoming Rumble Over Speakership

Who will win the GOP rumble between the establishment and the Tea Party caucus?

Muslim American Wonders if Ben Carson Is Fit to Be Called ‘Not Dumb’

Ben Carson told Chuck Todd recently that he doesn't think Muslims should be president. One Muslim woman thinks that makes him "dumb."

Scott Walker Is Very Confused About ‘Everything’

From birthright citizenship to climate change to Obama's love of America, Scott Walker is very confused.
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