Planned Parenthood Shooting

Carly Fiorina Presents Planned Parenthood Shooter With Baby Warrior Medal of Honor

Carly Fiorina presents Robert Lewis Dear, the Planned Parenthood shooter, with a medal of honor.

Ted Cruz Says Satan Is a Democrat, Satan Says Ted Cruz is a Demonic C**t

Ted Cruz gets a verbal smackdown from the Devil.

NRA Spokesman: Armed Fetuses Might Have Prevented Planned Parenthood Shooting

Could the Planned Parenthood shooting have been stopped if the fetuses inside were armed?

Ben Carson: I Would Have Had the Fetuses Help Me Overtake Colorado Springs Shooter

Ben Carson says he would have overtaken the Colorado Springs Shooter with a little help from his unborn friends.

David Daleiden Having Hard Time Washing Blood of Colorado Springs Off His Hands

David Daleiden says in the wake of the Colorado Springs shooting, he can't seem to wash all the blood off his hands.

Moderate Muslim: Where Are All The Moderate White Christians Denouncing Planned Parenthood Shooting?

One Muslim resident of Colorado is wondering when all white Christians will denounce the perpetrator of the Planned Parenthood Shooting.
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Tucker Carlson Lands Exclusive Interview With Putin’s Taint

A visibly excited Tucker Carlson announced on Fox News this morning that he would be flying to Moscow this...
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