Hillary Clinton Offers To Testify Before Mueller For Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This morning, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton showed up unplanned at the White House gate, asking to speak to President Donald Trump. Despite losing the 2016 presidential election to Trump because she couldn't muster the...

Jeff Sessions Hits a Jay Because He’s ‘Super Duper Freaking Out’ Before His Senate Testimony

Before Attorney General Jeff Sessions goes before the Senate in an open hearing, he needs a little herbal relaxation to calm the situation.

Petition Started to Remove Confederate Monument from Attorney General’s Office

A new petition is circulating online to have a racist monument to the Confederacy removed from the office the Attorney General of the United States.

Sessions Invokes Obscure Clause In Constitution That Says Perjury Only Applies To Democrats

According to a rarely referenced clause in the Constitution, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he cannot be prosecuted for perjury.

Jeff Sessions Starts Smoking Weed To Alleviate The Stress Of Russia Scandal

Attorney General Jeff Sessions may just have some really big, personal reasons for taking up that devil's weed sometime in the near future.
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Smithsonian Apologizes for Escaped Horse Faced Cave Troll’s Disruptions During State of the Union

Last night, one of the Smithsonian's displays came alive and escaped the confines of the museum. Reportedly, the horse...
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