Paris Climate Accords

Trump To Pull U.S. Out of Treaty of Appomattox

The Paris Climate Accords were just the beginning. President Trump plans to reexamine every treaty the U.S. has ever signed.

Trump Says U.S. Didn’t Need Paris Accords Because NASA Found Planet Covfefe & We’ll Live There

Who needs Earth when you can trade it up for a newer, hotter planet? That's Trump's philosophy and why he ditched the Paris Accords.

Man Who Probably Won’t Be Alive in 20 Years Super Glad Trump Just Fucked Over the Planet

By dropping out of the Paris Accords, Donald Trump has imperiled the planet, but that doesn't matter to this old dude.

Trump Was ‘Not Sure’ If He Should Try To Save The Planet He Thinks Revolves Around Him

Before making his important, landmark decision on the Paris Climate Accords, President Trump had some soul searching to do.
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