White House Announces Donald Jr. As Turkey To Be Pardoned

THE WHITE HOUSE -- Speaking to reporters earlier today about the arrangements for this year’s Thanksgiving turkey pardoning, a White House spokesperson confirmed that the turkey to be pardoned this year is son of the President, Donald Trump Jr. Explaining...

Trump Orders Execution of All Thanksgiving Turkeys Obama Pardoned

"I don't want to waste pardons on people who aren't related to me."

Trump Preemptively Pardons Himself for Pardoning Himself for Things He Says He Didn’t Do

"We don't put people on trial for attempting to commit a crime, do we?"

Trump Pre-Pardons Himself for Pardoning Himself for Things He Said He Didn’t Do

If Trump pardons himself, he may put himself in even deeper legal waters. So he needs to pre-pardon himself for pardoning himself. Get it?
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Hillary Clinton Circling Mar-A-Lago Shouting “Lock Him up!”

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