Trumper With Brain Cancer Losing Obamacare Subsidy’s Last Words: “At Least Obamacare Died Too”

"Why should some rich guy pay for my medicine just because he's already hiding billions of dollars from the rest of us in offshore accounts?"

Trump to Use Obamacare Subsidies to Pay for His Trips to Mar-A-Lago During the Winter

"In times of great need, sometimes we all have to sacrifice. And by 'we all' I of course mean the plebs."

Republican Cancer Patient Tries to Pay His Chemo Bills With His Second Amendment Rights

When he was diagnosed with cancer and didn't have "communist" Obamacare subsidized health insurance, this man proposed a new bargain with the hospital.

Cassidy, Graham: Kimmel’s Son Should Be ‘Shoved Back Up His Mama’s Baby Chute’ If He Wants Republican Sympathy

If Jimmy Kimmel wanted Republicans to care about his son's plight, he should have shoved him back inside his mother. Duh, Jimmy!

Tammy Lahren Bashes Highway Safety Laws While Putting on Her Seatbelt

Tammy Lahren told a Politicon audience she's still on her parents' insurance, which she couldn't be without that nasty Obamacare thing she hates.

After Obamacare Repeal Fails, Ted Cruz Says He’ll Have to Return to Killing ‘Zodiac Style Instead’

Senator Ted Cruz tells a church congregation he's got to go back to doing things the old school way, after the GOP can't repeal Obamacare.

Woman’s Eyebrows Relieved to Be Second Least Believable Thing In The Room With President Trump

An exclusive interview with a very famous pair of eyebrows that were fortunate enough to be just a foot away from the president.

Mitch McConnell Wonders If There Really Is A God If He Won’t Let Millions of People Lose Healthcare

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is in the middle of an epic existential crisis, feeling forsook by his lord and savior.

Trump Says He’ll Give Alaska to Russia If Murkowski Votes No on Obamacare Repeal

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has drawn the ire of our stubby fingered, angry orange orangutan president. Is Alaska on the way back to Russia?

Doctors: John McCain’s Brain Tumor Closely Connected to His Heart, Soul, Humanity

Senator John McCain received a heroes welcome before casting a deciding vote on the healthcare debate.
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