nuclear war

Trump Orders White House Crew to Downsize Big Red Button For His Fingers

Engineers are busy in the White House downsizing the big red button that presidents use to launch nuclear strikes to something for suited to Trump.

Local Mouth Breathing Podcaster Super Happy With Trump’s “Short and Fat” Kim Jong-Un Tweet

"As long as there's a libtard somewhere getting upset by it, I don't care if he nukes California and takes a dump on the Lincoln Memorial's steps."

Raving, Power Mad Lunatic Threatens Nuclear War, Also North Korea Makes Threats

The United Nations has started an emergency meeting of its security council as the drums of nuclear war pick up their pace.
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Mark Meadows Signals Intent to Plead the Filth Before January 6th Committee

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, through his attorney, has made the House Select Committee investigating the...
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