Rick Santorum Vows to ‘Continue Pretending We Live In 1815’ If Supreme Court Okays Gay Marriage

Rick Santorum pledges to fight modernity with full force if its foisted upon him.

Santorum, Carson, Huckabee, Cruz Plan Debate to Settle ‘Who Here Thinks About Gay Sex More?’

Campaign staffers from Rick Santorum 2016, Ben Carson 2016, Mike Huckabee 2016, and Ted Cruz 2016 are all confirming that a debate between their four candidates has been scheduled. Unlike the officially sanctioned debates held by the Republican National...

“My Name is Rick Santorum, and Here’s Why I Am Frothing to Be Your President”

Rick Santorum wants to be president really badly, and he even told us all why.

Nebraska Gay Man To Sue ‘All Nosy, Self-Righteous Relics Who Need to STFU and Leave Us Alone’

Has a counter-suit has been filed in Nebraska against the woman who has sued all homosexuals everywhere?

Rand Paul: ‘Obama Wants to Put the Government Between Your Kids and Your Bulls**t Pseudoscience!’

Rand Paul weighed in on gay conversion therapy at a recent campaign stop in Georgia.

Indiana Burger Joint Hangs ‘F**ck F*ggots’ Sign In Window, Gets $2 Billion in Crowdfunding

Indiana's new law has given rise to a whole new cottage industry, conservative crowd funding for bigots.

Indiana GOP Mulling Rainbow Patches for State’s LGBTs to Wear

Some Indiana Republicans are hoping to make their new RFRA law a little easier to maneuver around for those who wish to discriminate.

Hitler, Satan Split on Support For Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court really is in a lather over gay marriage. A hot, steamy, foamy, lather.

Documented Facts to Piss Off Your Tea Bagger Uncle #1: Gay Marriage is Good For the Economy

A recent study reveals just how much green is in rainbows.
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Local Domestic Terrorist Really Wants You To See Hunter Biden’s Dick

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congresspony Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) recently told reporters in the nation's capitol she's "outraged and incensed"...
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