Nikki Haley

Report: Nikki Haley Lives in Opposite Land Where Trump Tells the Truth and She’s Smart

MENTEUR SAC DE MERDER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Sources close to situation have informed various news outlets throughout the country that a former Governor of South Carolina may have never actually lived in the state she was supposed to be...

Haley: “If You Just Close Your Eyes and Plug Your Ears, You Can Tell Trump is Truthful and Fit for Office”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is on a book tour, promoting her new memoir of her time in the Donald Trump administration. The book is entitled "With All Due Respect," and Haley has...

South Carolina Republicans Propose New State Miscarriage Investigation Unit

The GOP in South Carolina has proposed a new agency to help enforce their abortion ban.

South Carolina’s Attorney General ‘Looking Into’ Prosecuting God for Miscarriages

The pressure to end abortions in South Carolina is reaching a fever pitch.

SC Gov. To Start Nightly Rotation ‘Staking Out’ Different Women’s Uteruses

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina really wants to keep those unborn fetuses safe.
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Smithsonian Apologizes for Escaped Horse Faced Cave Troll’s Disruptions During State of the Union

Last night, one of the Smithsonian's displays came alive and escaped the confines of the museum. Reportedly, the horse...
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