Trump Rushed to Hospital to Remove Myeshia Johnson’s Foot from His Rectum

No amount of tweeting would get Ms. Johnson's foot out of his presidential posterior.

John Kelly Demands Rep. Wilson Stop Disrespecting Fake 4-Star General Fox News Contributor

"We should honor these men who didn't serve but pretended to."

McCain Offers to Teach John Kelly What ‘Disrespecting Vets Looks Like’ Using His Boss’s Words

"You work for a man who is routinely disrespectful of everyone, veterans included."

Trey Gowdy Promises to Investigate Niger Until He Finds Connection to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi

I don't care how long it takes, we will find the truth about Niger and Hillary Clinton."

Trump Says He’d Have Acknowledged Four Dead Soldiers in Niger if Country Had ‘Less Obama-ish Name’

"I kept seeing the word Niger in my briefings and thought it was just another bullet item about something the last president messed up."
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