New Hampshire primary

Carly Fiorina Seen Entering Planned Parenthood Seeking ‘Campaign Abortion’

Carly Fiorina ends her campaign in a most unexpected way.

After Trump Wins New Hampshire, GOP Changes Mascot From Elephant to Douche Nozzle

Trump taking New Hampshire has forced a lot of changes around the GOP.

Billionaire Searching for Regular People to Buy Off to Buy Off Bernie Sanders

Can a super-wealthy man pay off Bernie Sanders supporters so they'll in-turn pay Sanders off?

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Agree to ‘Just Get a Room’

The sexual tension between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump is heating to critical mass.

New Hampshire Republican Torn Between Two A-Holes

He's just not sure who to vote for in the New Hampshire primary.
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Smithsonian Apologizes for Escaped Horse Faced Cave Troll’s Disruptions During State of the Union

Last night, one of the Smithsonian's displays came alive and escaped the confines of the museum. Reportedly, the horse...
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