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NFL Approves Rule Change Forcing Anti-Vaxxer Players to Remove Their Helmets and Pads

NFL players who are anti-vaccine will be forced to strip off their pads and helmets prior to kickoff, according to a new rule change, just implemented by the league. According to the new rule, if a player has been found...

Totally Not Racist President Really Glad NFL Anthem Policy Will Hold Black People To Completely Different Standard

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Trump told reporters from various right-wing news outlets today that he was "bigly pleased" to see the new pregame national anthem policy instituted by the NFL yesterday, just minutes after implying players who kneel during...

Trumper Burns NFL Gear Worth 10 Years of Blue State Supported Welfare Protesting First Amendment

This NFL fan happens to also be an America lovin', gun totin', good, clean, ammo hoarding patriot, and he's sick of people who aren't.

Puerto Rico Man Waiting Until Power is Restored So He Can Be Offended by Football Players Kneeling

The island of Puerto Rico is in shambles after Hurricane Maria. Which means residents haven't had time to get offended by kneeling black people yet.

5 Alternative Names for the Washington Football Club (VIDEO)

The Washington Redskins is a gross name. It should be changed, and here are five better options.
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Jesus Really Loved Sam Smith’s and Kim Petras’ Grammy Performance

Many conservative commentators have been apoplectic about singers Sam Smith and Kim Petras appearance at this past weekend's Grammy...
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