Militiaman: Trump And Gingrich The Right ‘Old, Doughy White Men’ To Lead Bloody Insurrection

This guy thinks Trump and Newt are in their top fighting form.

Oregon Militia Squatter Awarded Iron Shovel for Burying His Platoon’s Feces

The last, free member of the Oregon militia is given a medal for a doing a most dirty deed.

Last Remaining Oregon Militia Squatter Ceremoniously Eats Final Chocodile

As the Oregon militia standoff comes to a close, the last remaining brave squatter carries out his final mission.

Last Twix in Breast Pocket Stops Bullet, Saves Oregon Militia Squatter’s Life

During the arrest of its leader, another member of the Oregon militia was struck by a stray bullet.

Nation Tries to Muster All Its “Give a Fuck” About Dead Oregon Militia Squatter

Oregon Militia Squatter LaVoy Finicum is dead. But does anyone care?

Oregon Militia Squatter Awarded Silver Cross For Beer Run

Another award for bravery has been given to a member of the Oregon Militia.

President Obama to Personally Fly Drone Over Site of Bundy’s Rebellion

White House aides are saying the Oregon standoff may force the president to take decisive action.

President Obama Declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ In Jade Helm Operation

Over the weekend, President Obama declared victory in the Jade Helm operation.
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