ISIS, Taliban Issue Joint Statement in Support of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

President Trump may have angered a lot of Americans with his transgender military ban, but some people in other parts of the world love it.

Citing ‘Medical Costs and the Disruption,’ Trump Orders Military Re-Segregated

Just after re-instituting a ban on transgender soldiers, Trump rolls back more of what conservatives call the "social experiment"ing within the military.

Transgender, Two Tour Afghanistan Vet Hopes Trump’s Bone Spurs Aren’t Hurting Him Anymore

He served two tours in Afghanistan as a woman, came home, transitioned, and now he's been kicked out of the military by Trump.

Trump Announces Memorial Day Ceremony for Vets Who Weren’t Captured Before They Were Killed

This Memorial Day, President Donald Trump and his administration will honor only those vets who sacrificed it all without getting captured.

As President, Ted Cruz Would Stop Cutting Crusts of GI’s PB&J’s

Ted Cruz doesn't want soldiers eating gluten-free meals, and he wants their sandwiches to keep their crusts.

FBI: Suspect’s Ethnicity, Presumed Religion ‘Vital’ In Labeling Chattanooga Shooting ‘Terrorism’

The perpetrator in the Chattanooga shooting incident had a Muslim name and brown skin, helping the FBI to officially label his attack as terrorism.

Mike Huckabee: Americans Should Hold Off On Inhaling Oxygen Until Obama’s Gone

Mike Huckabee doesn't want your kids serving in a tolerant military, and he may not want you breathing gay air.
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