Trump Orders Kellyanne Conway to Move White House Microwaves to Secret Gas Chamber Below Bowling Green, Kentucky

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, President Donald Trump issued an order to one of his top advisers, directing her to have all the microwaves in the White House moved to a secret location in Kentucky. Mr. Trump told various members...

Conway and Spicer Desperately Trying to Reach Michael Flynn Via the Microwave Network

The Bannon/Trump White House is so desperate to get through to Michael Flynn that they are resorting to unconventional communication mediums.

White House Press Pool To Add Six Additional Microwaves To ‘Encapture-ate All The Kodak Moments’

In order to get even more coverage of the 45th President and Co-Presidents of the United States, the White House purchases six new microwaves.

Conway Caught Freebasing Chemtrails In Tinfoil Tent, Ranting That Bowling Green Was An ‘Inside False Flag’

When her friends and colleagues recently staged an intervention, Kellyanne Conway was caught in a compromising position.
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Stephen Miller Encourages Trump Supporters to Boycott ‘Reverse Racist’ Black Friday

This week, millions of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. Some will embrace a traditional, more whitewashed version of the very...
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