Michele Bachmann

God Tells Michele Bachmann If The Anti-Christ Were Real He’d Be The ‘Narcissist You Voted For’

Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Larry "God" Schumway have very different opinions on what true Christianity looks like.

President Trump To Tap Michele Bachmann As Secretary Of Uneducation

President Trump's filling out his various cabinet roles.

Trump Adviser Michele Bachmann To Get New Secretary of Rapture Cabinet Role

Trump's got something special planned for Michele Bachmann.

Confused Trump Tries To Literally Get Into Bed With Michele Bachmann, Kicks Daughter Out First

Trump didn't know what Michele Bachmann getting into bed with him meant.

Exclusive! Donald Trump’s Cabinet Candidates Leaked!

A leaked list of Donald Trump's cabinet candidates.

God to Michele Bachmann: Shut your stupid fuckin’ mouth

God has had enough of Michele Bachmann speaking for him.

Michele Bachmann Endorses Ronald Reagan For President

Michele Bachmann has announced her support for a rather surprising presidential candidate.

Jesus to Michele Bachmann: ‘I’m Not Coming Until You Shut Up’

Michele Bachmann thinks violence is on the rise in Israel because Jesus is coming back; Jesus on the other hand disagrees.

Jesus Christ: ‘Bachmann Is Right, I’m Coming Again…For a Sandwich’

Jesus Christ says Michele Bachmann is right about him coming back to Earth, but wrong about the reason why.
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