Rick Santorum Worried All the Focus on Mexicans Not Leaving Enough Hate for Gays

Rick Santorum doesn't want American conservatives to lose track of one of their non-Mexican boogeymen.

Tennessee Trump Voter Wants Taco Bell Shut Down For ‘Being Too Mexican’

How one confused man's fight against Mexican immigrants led him on a crusade against a fast food chain.

New Mexico Trump Supporter Demands His State’s Name Be Changed to “New Freedom Land”

One man's fear of a Mexican immigrant invasion has him desperate to change the name of his new state.

Keebler Elves Release Statement Apologizing For “Runaway, Rogue, Racist Little Shithead Elf” Ending DACA

The Trump administration sent its top elf out to announce the end of DACA, and that enraged Session's former elf colleagues.

AG Sessions: U.S. Could Pay For Trump’s Border Wall By Repealing 13th Amendment

Paying for Donald Trump's proposed border wall is meeting stiff opposition all over the political spectrum, but his AG has a plan for that.

Racist Woman Is Tired Of Being Called Racist For Supporting A Racist For President

A racist woman is really upset at being called a racist for being a racist.

Desperate Ted Cruz Proposes Catapulting “Anchor Babies” Back to Mexico

Ted Cruz thinks a catapult is all the immigration reform we need.

El Presidente Trump’s Guide to Mexican Cuisine

A guide to traditional Mexican food, written by the expert on Mexican culture himself, Donald Trump.

Teary-Eyed Donald Trump Finally Realizes Whole World Hates Him

Last week, 2016 Republican Presidential Hopeful #3,215 -- known also as Donald Trump -- made major headlines after retailers and other large corporations that Trump had done business with in the past started severing ties with the business tycoon....
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Tucker Carlson Lands Exclusive Interview With Putin’s Taint

A visibly excited Tucker Carlson announced on Fox News this morning that he would be flying to Moscow this...
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