Paul Ryan Looks Forward To Life As Private Sector Misanthrope

"People always think I just want to gut Social Security and end Medicare, and that's utterly and completely false."

A Quick Reference Guide to the Senate Republicans’ Formerly Secret Healthcare Plan

A view of the proposed changes within the secretive Republican healthcare plan from a 50,000 foot level.

Paul Ryan Worried Congress Can’t Destroy The Middle Class Fast Enough With All The Trump Distractions

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan really wants to do the job he was elected to do, but all of the distractions from the Trump camp are gumming up the works.

Trump Offers To Cut Medicare and Social Security To Pay For Weekend Jaunts To Mar-A-Lago

Trump loves his "Southern White House" at Mar-A-Lago so much, he's willing to go to great lengths to keep weekending there.

CEO of Pet Food Company Endorses Paul Ryan for President

Charles Koch and this man want Paul Ryan to be the Republican nominee.

Doesn’t Change A Thing: Crazy, Unelectable, SOCIALIST Surges To Top of NH Polls

A totally meaningless poll shows Bernie leading Hillary. Pffft. Like that means anything.

John Boehner: SCOTUS Should Do ‘The Right Thing and Kick Cancer Patients Off Their Insurance Over Semantics’

Rep. John Boehner says that Obamacare should be gutted by the Supreme Court because it's "the right thing."

5 Laws The Republicans Will Pass Next Year

We've got an exclusive look at the laws the GOP will be pass when they take control of the Senate next year.

5 Things Paul Ryan Loves About Medicare

What could Paul Ryan possibly find to love about Medicare? Click the link and find out!
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