Maricopa County

AZ GOP Will Have the Tooth Fairy Hand Deliver Election Fraud Evidence to Supreme Court

FREEDICKS, ARIZONA -- The Arizona Republican Party's alleged audit of the 2020 election isn't complete yet, but that hasn't stopped them from parading the people conducting the audit around right-wing media outlets, or from holding meetings in the Arizona...

Arizona GOP: Maricopa Audit Revealed Unicorn Pubes and Sasquatch Urine Used to Tamper With Ballots

The audit of Arizona's 2020 election, conducted by a right-wing financed company, has turned up explosive new evidence, according to people close to the situation. Speaking on the condition of anonymity and Chick-Fil-A gift cards, we were told, exclusively,...
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Trump Orders “Beautiful MAGA Army” to Ready Their Rascal Scooters for a Jail Break

Former President Trump is, according to several sources at Mar-A-Lago, really starting to lose his patience and cool, days...
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