Marco Rubio

Islamic American: Marco Rubio Divides Us By Being a Radical Christian

Marco Rubio says Obama divided the country by visiting a mosque, but this Islamic American says it's Rubio that's dividing us.

Marco Rubio Admits He Requested Bigger Debate Podium to Hide His War Boner

Marco Rubio asked for a much larger podium for last night's debate for a very personal reason.

Marco Rubio: I Would Bomb More Children Than Cruz

Marco Rubio tells a rally crowd he'd bomb way more kids than Ted Cruz.

Marco Rubio Vows to Lead America Into the 19th Century

Marco Rubio wants to remind Americans he can lead them to a better yesterday.

God to Marco Rubio: Leave Me Out of Your Sick Fantasies

God is not pleased with Marco Rubio's rhetoric dragging him into Earthly, political arguments.

Marco Rubio: Syrian Refugees Can Wear Special Patches to ‘Help Spot Them in a Crowd Better’

Does Marco Rubio think asking Syrian refugees to wear special patches will help national security?

Town Philosopher Has Philosophy About Politicians: They Don’t Know Shit

Was Marco Rubio right about philosophy majors? One woman doesn't think so.

4 More Productive Things to Do With Your Life Instead of Watching the GOP Debate

Here are four things you can do with your life that are better than watching the GOP Debate.

Politifact Staffs-Up 25 Fact Checkers Each For Fiorina, Carson Ahead of Debate

The fact checking site is making sure they have extra staff to rate the statements of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

Marco Rubio to Publish New Book, “How to Live Like a Baller”

On his quest for the White House, Marco Rubio has penned a new financial self-help book.
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