Ben Shapiro Announces That Scott Baio and Gina Carano Will Star in “Washed-Up Star Wars”

HOLLYWOOB, CALIFORNIA -- It didn't take long for embattled alleged actress Gina Carano to find an employer. This week, Carano was officially released by LucasFilm because of her social media posts that mocked transgender rights, minimized the Holocaust, defended...

Pat Robertson Reminds Christians They’ll Go To Hell for Loving Baby Yoda and Baby Jesus

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Televangelist Pat Robertson has a stern warning for Christians who also consider themselves fans of the Star Wars franchise not to invest themselves too heavily in the sci-fi space opera. Robertson specifically was concerned about a new...
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Musk Unsure Whether to Skip Child Support or Twitter Loan Payment This Month

Recently, billionaire hair plug recipient Elon Musk revealed that he believes Twitter has lost about half its value since...
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