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DNC Encourages Trump Supporters to Boycott Elections With Mail-in Ballots

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Democratic National Committee is urging Trump supporters who don't feel mail-in ballots are a safe and secure way to hold elections to simply boycott them. "If the president's supporters do not feel comfortable casting ballots in...

Trump On Why He Votes By Mail But Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To: “It’s Good to Be President”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Goodly King Emperor Donald J. Trump casts his royal ballot in Florida by mail, but that does not mean average American plebs can or should, according to his Royal Tiny Handed Highness. In recent days, King Trump...
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DeSantis Bans Depictions of Nude Baby Jesus in Florida

Just hours after a Tallahassee school principal was fired because parents complained their children were exposed to one of...
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