MAGA hats

MAGA Hat or Super Glue? The Best Way to Seal Up a Vagina.

We've probably all been there before. You're looking to seal up a vagina, but you're fresh out of Vag-Spackle™, the world's most trusted vaginal sealant?  So how are you going to get your task accomplished? How are you, in...

Klansman Doesn’t Want You Judging His Son Just Because He Wears a White Hood

BEDFORD FORREST, KENTUCKY -- In the green, lush hills of his Kentucky hometown, Bart Biggington is a well-known member of the Ku Klux Klan, and he says most people in town don't give him too much grief about it....
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Trump Orders “Beautiful MAGA Army” to Ready Their Rascal Scooters for a Jail Break

Former President Trump is, according to several sources at Mar-A-Lago, really starting to lose his patience and cool, days...
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