Trump: “What’s The Point of Lying If Jerks In The Press Are Going To Tell Everyone I Lied?”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- An angry President Trump lashed out at the media again this morning, this time accusing them of "twisting and distorting lies" he tells specifically so that everyone thinks he's telling the truth. Trump's angry comments came...

Software Company Develops Real-Time App To Alert Viewers When Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Lying

SWILLY CORN, VALLEY -- A software development company has released a new application they say can detect when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is engaged in telling a lie, even when streaming a press briefing in real-time. Barry...
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Who Got Paid More to Suck Trump’s Dick: Stormy or Jim Jordan?

As far as the world can tell, there are two people who we can reliably assume have sucked Donald...
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