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Local McDonald’s Offering Free Small Fry to Anyone Applying for Poverty Wage Job

DICK'S CREST, CALIFORNIA --  The local McDonald's franchise is, as their assistant manager described to us, "desperate to find employees" to fill vacancies left over from the COVID-19 global pandemic and domestic Democratic hoax. As the nation and the...

Why Are People More Willing to Collect Unemployment Than The Slave Wages My Company Offers?

Editor's Note: The following was written by entrepreneur and NRN contributor Dustin Pewpson. The views and opinions expressed by Mr. Pewpson are his own, and do not necessarily reflect those of this outlet, its staff, or ownership. Clearly President Joe...
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Ben Shapiro Shocked His Wife Has This In Common With Every Transgender Woman

"It turns out, I can't make any of their pussies wet either." - Ben Shapiro A shocked and visibly distraught...
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