I Run an Influential TikTok Account That Dehumanizes People. Why Can’t I Anonymously Ruin Lives?

The following editorial was submitted by Karol Markyshittz. Mz. Markyshittz up until very recently was the anonymous account owner of "LibtardedLibTardsofTikTok," which has become very popular and influential among social conservatives, or "MAGA Americans." The account's sole purpose is...

InbredsOfTikTok Curates Content from Pro-Trump Users

While the Internet debates whether social media accounts that anonymously aggregate content for the purpose of fomenting outrage and directing targeted hate and abuse toward communities of people online should be tolerated, a new aggregator on the block is...
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DeSantis Bans Depictions of Nude Baby Jesus in Florida

Just hours after a Tallahassee school principal was fired because parents complained their children were exposed to one of...
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