Liberty University

Gaetz Leaving Congress to Become Dean of Emissions at Liberty University

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Embattled Congressman Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) has decided it's time to end his political career, according to several sources with knowledge of his future plans. Gaetz will soon resign his House seat and work in the private...

Mike Pence Warns Christian College Grads to Be Prepared to ‘Defend Your Theocratic Fascism With All Your Cold Heart’

SHITSBURG, VIRGINIA -- Vice President Mike Pence warned a group of graduates from Y'all Qaeda Holy Trinity Bible College that they will be "victims of unspeakable persecution, both real and imagined, but mostly imagined."  "You must be prepared when you...

Judge Roy Moore To Travel Country, Giving “PED Talks”

"I would be a fool not to take them up on it."

Gay Texan: America’s An Island We’re All Trapped on Waiting For Louie Gohmert To Die

Louie Gohmert recently fantasized in front of a bible college audience about rounding up gay people and putting them on an island to die off, and one gay Texan is incensed.

Wild-Eyed Socialist Proposes Crazy Idea to Conservative College Crowd: Compromise

Some crazy guy visited a hardcore conservative Bible college and had the balls to suggest Americans should set aside their differences and work together.
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Hillary Clinton Circling Mar-A-Lago Shouting “Lock Him up!”

"I told Mr. Trump that quite frankly Ms. Clinton has earned this one, and we won't be doing anything...
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