DeSantis: Florida History Books Must Remove White Wigs and Rouge from Images of Founders

With the stroke of his pen, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Q) ordered all history books in his state to be immediately removed from classrooms. Gov. DeSantis' order attempts to legally force textbook publishers to remove depictions of the men...

Texas Man Thinks Wife’s OB is a Groomer Because They Couldn’t Find the Fetus’s Genitals

FT. SHITLIP, TEXAS -- A man in the Lonestar State filed a suit in court yesterday, demanding damages from his wife's obstetrician-gynecologist. The lawsuit claims that Dr. Lyle Miles caused "irreparable harm" to Gary and Kerry McSherry during their...
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Ben Shapiro Shocked His Wife Has This In Common With Every Transgender Woman

"It turns out, I can't make any of their pussies wet either." - Ben Shapiro A shocked and visibly distraught...
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