Devin Nunes Sues His Mom For Not Telling Him He’s a Whiny Bitch Sooner

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Yesterday, Congressman Devin Nunes of California announced that he was suing Twitter and three of its users specifically -- two of which were anonymous "troll" accounts devoted to mocking him -- for $250 million. Mr. Nunes...

Awkard! Donald In Hot Water After He Calls Ivanka “Stormy” At The Worst Time Possible!

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This morning, the White House was witness to an extremely awkward and tense moment between President Donald Trump and his First Lady. "Ivanka! Ivanka, c'mon, don't be harsh on Daddy! It was an honest mistake! Anyone could...

Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Donald Trump For Being Donald Trump

No one messes with Donald Trump, not even Donald Trump.

John Boehner to Sue Obama for ‘President-ing While Not Republican’

John Boehner hates presidential overreach, unless it's done in the right way, by a Republican president.
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Santos Honors All 6 Million of His Mothers Who Died at Auschwitz on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. It's a day in which solemn tributes to the victims of Adolf Hitler's genocidal...
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