Klansman Supports Florida Republicans Banning Democratic Party From the State

"I am not quite sure why that nice, young man who looks like a thumb was willing to kick out the party that I'd never vote for anyway, but I sure am glad he decided to do it." -...

Klansman Outraged That Republicans Keep Claiming He’s a Democrat

"What was the point of voting for all those Republicans if I was just gonna get called a Democrat?"

Klansman Blames Cancel Culture for Getting Fired After His Hood Slips Off

COUSINBANGER, KENTUCKY -- For the last fifteen years, Clem C. Calhoun worked at his local grocery store, in the stockroom. Every weeknight, Clem and his team would help restock the shelves and get the story ready for the next...

Dinesh D’Souza Can’t Quite Bring Himself to Call Klansman a “Liberal” to His Hooded Face

IDIOTA, MONTANA -- While on a publicity tour promoting his latest project he calls a "film," conservative firebrand author and convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza found himself completely unable to call the hooded klansman in front of him a "liberal,"...
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President Brandon Promises to Go Visit Trump in Jail

Yesterday, history was made when the New York City District Attorney filed 34 indictments against former President Donald John...
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