Kim Davis

Pope Francis and Kim Davis Meet, Discuss Bigotry and Baking Recipes

What happens when Pope Francis and Kim Davis meet? Bigotry collaborations and baking recipe swapping, of course.

Gay, Atheist Cop Cites Victims’ Religious Beliefs And Doesn’t Stop Vandalism at Baptist Church Picnic

Kim Davis' stand in Kentucky has inspired an equal and opposite reaction from a public servant in Arkansas.

Bummed-Out Bobby Jindal Arrives 24 Hours Too Late to Kim Davis Rally

Bobby Jindal missed the big Kim Davis rally, and he has a sad over it.

Mike Huckabee To Offer Kim Davis New ‘Secretary of Christianity’ Cabinet Role

Mike Huckabee and Kim Davis are besties, and now can the Huckster get a new job?

Jesus Christ Denies Kim Davis’ Emergency Request for Miracle

Kim Davis has another emergency appeal -- this one to Jesus Hubert Christ -- denied.

‘Old Testament’ Oregon Judge Refuses to Marry Couples Who Have Eaten Pork, Shellfish

Judge Vance D. Day in Oregon has been refusing to marry same-sex couples; one of his colleagues has a response.

Cruz and Paul Defend Kim Davis, Because They’re ‘A-Holes Extraordinaire’

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz both think Kim Davis should be allowed to discriminate based on her own religious views, because they're not bigoted at all.

Jesus Christ Fires Kim Davis From Christianity

Kim Davis, the defiant Kentucky clerk, just got a pink slip from her lord and savior.
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