Kellyanne Conway

M&M’s Banned from White House Kitchens and Candy Dishes

"Their thin candy shells will be no match for our nook-you-ler missiles."

Trump Says He Regrets Never Convincing Hugh Hefner to Put Ivanka in His Magazine

President Donald Trump gave Hugh Hefner an impromptu eulogy and spoke about what he feels like is a missed opportunity for himself and Playboy.

President Trump Hopeful He’ll Finish Mix Tape For Putin Before He’s Impeached

Trump is reportedly lost in song, trying to put together the perfect mix tape for his newfound love, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Everyone Wants to Know: Who Is Deep Covfefe, and Are They The Leak Within The Trump Administration?

The leaker known as Deep Covfefe must come from the Trump Administration's inner sanctum. But who is it?

Kellyanne Conway: Unless Dems Prove Russia Probe Relates to Benghazi, They’re Wasting Millions

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told media this weekend that if Dems can't tie Russia to Benghazi, they should give up.

Kellyanne Conway: Bowling Green Attackers Were Covfefe Immigrants

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway spins a new explanation for a baffling tweet about "Covfefe" from her boss, the Commander in Chief.

Report: Trump Could Nominate Frederick Douglass For FBI Director Post

President Donald Trump thinks way, way, way outside of most boxes on Earth. Replacing FBI Director James Comey will be another of those instances.

Trump Orders Kellyanne Conway to Move White House Microwaves to Secret Gas Chamber Below Bowling Green, Kentucky

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, President Donald Trump issued an order to one of his top advisers, directing her to have all the microwaves in the White House moved to a secret location in Kentucky. Mr. Trump told various members...

Conway Corrects Trump After He Thinks He’ll Be Hunting Women’s Genitalia At WH Easter Egg Hunt

Co-President Donald J. Trump had to be corrected by his adviser Kellyanne Conway when he got the details of the White House Easter Egg Hunt confused.

Conway and Spicer Desperately Trying to Reach Michael Flynn Via the Microwave Network

The Bannon/Trump White House is so desperate to get through to Michael Flynn that they are resorting to unconventional communication mediums.
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