Stephen Miller Will Celebrate First Ever Juneteenth With ‘Ceremonial Trump T-Lighting’

BEDFORD FORREST LAKE, FLORIDA -- When President Joe Biden signed a bill into law that proclaimed Juneteenth a federally recognized holiday, some may have presumed that former White House senior race war instigator Stephen Miller would be upset, and...

MAGA Supporter Thinks Juneteenth is the Day Trump Will Be Reinstated

STUPIDVILLE, FLORIDA -- Will Palumbicci is a 34 year old out of work, non-union plumber. It wasn't the pandemic that put him out of business, however, it was his shoddy work and lack of licensing. Four years ago, he...
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Who Got Paid More to Suck Trump’s Dick: Stormy or Jim Jordan?

As far as the world can tell, there are two people who we can reliably assume have sucked Donald...
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