Pro-MAGA YouTube Star Says Dems Can’t Impeach President Without ‘Blowie’ In the Oval Office

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE  -- Jethro Bohiggins is a right-wing YouTube star and singer/songwriter who is absolutely steadfast in his support of President Donald Trump and his "MAGA" agenda. Bohiggins is a frequent contributor to AltFacts, and recently he appeared on The...

Local MAGA Supporter In Hospital With Burns on Feet After Nike Protest Goes Awry

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE -- Right-wing podcaster and country music singer/songwriter Jethro Bohiggins is in stable but critical condition with third degree burns on both feet, and he says he doesn't quite know just yet when he'll be released. "Fam,...
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DeSantis Bans Depictions of Nude Baby Jesus in Florida

Just hours after a Tallahassee school principal was fired because parents complained their children were exposed to one of...
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