Jesse Watters

Fox News: Tibia Lahren Uniquely Qualified To Identify Lazy, Low-Skilled People

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Last week, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly gave a controversial interview to NPR in which he seemed to indicate a belief that many immigrants who come to the United States are unskilled and do...

Jesse Watters Tells Fox News Audience Bill O’Reilly Left Him ‘Big Shoes to Fill and Huge Boobs to Grope’

Following in his mentor's footsteps is proving to be kind of difficult for the newest Fox News star, Jesse Watters. Sad. So sad.

Fox News Contributor Interviews Brooklyn Residents In Full Blackface

Another Fox News content producer covers racial politics in an interesting way.
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Who Got Paid More to Suck Trump’s Dick: Stormy or Jim Jordan?

As far as the world can tell, there are two people who we can reliably assume have sucked Donald...
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