Barbara Bush Takes Jeb Out for Ice Cream to Cheer Him Up, Scolds Him for ‘Not Listening’ to Her

Barbara and Jeb Bush go out for ice cream to soothe the wounds of a failed presidential campaign.

Dick Cheney Pissed His Baby Form Not Subject of Republican Infanticide Fantasies

Adult Dick Cheney wonders if you can fantasize about killing Baby Hitler, why you can't fantasize about killing Baby Dick Cheney.

Bobby Jindal Proposes ‘Separate But Equal’ Birthright Citizenship

"In the proposal, Governor Jindal makes it very clear that these new citizens would only get access to six of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights."

Desperate Ted Cruz Proposes Catapulting “Anchor Babies” Back to Mexico

Ted Cruz thinks a catapult is all the immigration reform we need.

Walker, Bush, Trump Propose Leaving Only Second Amendment in the Constitution

Donald Trump intimated the 14th amendment be changed, and now his two closest rivals are trying to out-do him.

George W. Bush Farts in Elevator; Jeb! Blames Obama, Hillary

GLEN SPRINGS, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Former Florida Governor and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Jeb! has a very famous brother, though Jeb! tries to keep that connection as far down on the list of things that people talk about as...

Republicans Worried Wrong A-Hole Is Fronting Their A-Hole Policies

Are Republicans freaking out about the wrong a-hole representing their a-hole policies?

‘Absolute Ass-Load’ Of People Show Up to Hear Man Who Has No Chance of Winning

Another spectacularly large group of people showed up to show their support for Bernie Sanders, who clearly none of them will vote for next year.
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QAnon Shaman Released From Prison Early and Sent to Halfwit House

Jacob Chansley, the self-appointed "QAnon Shaman" who helped storm the nation's capitol on January 6th, 2021, has been released...
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