Jeb Bush

Barbara Bush Takes Jeb Out for Ice Cream to Cheer Him Up, Scolds Him for ‘Not Listening’ to Her

Barbara and Jeb Bush go out for ice cream to soothe the wounds of a failed presidential campaign.

Old Lady Politely Refuses Jeb Bush’s Help Across the Street

No one wants or needs Jeb Bush's help these days.

Dick Cheney Pissed His Baby Form Not Subject of Republican Infanticide Fantasies

Adult Dick Cheney wonders if you can fantasize about killing Baby Hitler, why you can't fantasize about killing Baby Dick Cheney.

4 More Productive Things to Do With Your Life Instead of Watching the GOP Debate

Here are four things you can do with your life that are better than watching the GOP Debate.

Politifact Staffs-Up 25 Fact Checkers Each For Fiorina, Carson Ahead of Debate

The fact checking site is making sure they have extra staff to rate the statements of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

Dick Cheney ‘Hella Bummed’ Trump Not Also Blaming Him For 9/11

The former Vice-President has a sad over not getting credit for the Bush Administration's blundering of 9/11 intelligence.

Oil Tycoon Explains Why The Rich Can’t Afford More Taxes But Can Give Billions to Campaigns

A different view of campaign finance issues from a wealthy oil tycoon.

President Lindsey Graham Would Build a Wall Around a Wall Around a Wall

If Lindsey Graham, what kind of wall would he put up to keep the Mexicans and other foreign people out? A Triple Wall, of course.

Bobby Jindal Proposes ‘Separate But Equal’ Birthright Citizenship

"In the proposal, Governor Jindal makes it very clear that these new citizens would only get access to six of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights."

Desperate Ted Cruz Proposes Catapulting “Anchor Babies” Back to Mexico

Ted Cruz thinks a catapult is all the immigration reform we need.
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