Jan 6 commission

Greene: “It’s a Waste of Time to Investigate Why Antifa Dressed as MAGA and Stormed the Capitol”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-MAGA) told reporters this morning on her way into work that she is still "extremely pleased" that Senate Republicans managed to block the formation of a congressional January 6th Commission. Despite the...

Boebert Demands CEO of Antifa Testify Before Jan. 6th Commission

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- She voted against its formation, but freshman Qongresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado told reporters this morning that if the January 6th commission is going to meet, the CEO of Antifa "must be issued a sub-penis and...
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Trump Orders “Beautiful MAGA Army” to Ready Their Rascal Scooters for a Jail Break

Former President Trump is, according to several sources at Mar-A-Lago, really starting to lose his patience and cool, days...
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