Jade Helm

Obama Confirms Sinking Trump Boats Was Final Mission of Operation Jade Helm

SECRET COMMIE SHARIA BUNKER, SOMEWHERE IN KENYA -- Former President and current Dark Lord of Socialism Barack Hussein Obama has reportedly been caught in recorded audio admitting that he was behind the sinking of several boats near Austin, Texas...

South Park Creators to Produce Jade Helm 2020: The Musical

Los Angeles, CA -- South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, fresh on the heels of the phenomenal success of the Broadway musical parody The Book of Mormon, announced late last week that they're working on a fictional stage...

The Previously Untold Story Of A Hero Who Survived Jade Helm But Fell During The Bowling Green Massacre

One man served during two of America's most harrowing domestic combat events in the last five years. This is his alternatively true story.

LEAKED MEMO: Obama Meets McConnell, Boehner to Discuss Becoming Tyrannical

Are Obama, McConnell, and Boehner secretly planning to make every militia member's wettest dreams come true?

President Obama Declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ In Jade Helm Operation

Over the weekend, President Obama declared victory in the Jade Helm operation.

Obama to Unveil Birth Certificate, Details of Secret Communist/Sharia Takeover On Jan. 21, 2017

An explosive new document has been released. Will Obama let you read it?

EXCLUSIVE! Leaked ‘Jade Helm’ Operation Details!

The Political Garbage Chute is your one-stop shop for all the Jade Helm details!

Texas Governor Greg Abbot Is Tired of Other States Trying To ‘Out-Dumb Us’

Texas Governor Greg Abbot wants the first word on your lips after hearing the word "dumb" to be "Texas."
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Ben Shapiro Shocked His Wife Has This In Common With Every Transgender Woman

"It turns out, I can't make any of their pussies wet either." - Ben Shapiro A shocked and visibly distraught...
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