Trump Promises His Middle East War Will ‘Go Just as Good’ as Bush’s

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Donald Trump's decision to kill a top Iranian military general via drone strike has many on the Hill, and throughout the country, wondering if he's pushed the United States to the brink of war. Should Trump's...

Tomi Lahren Spotted In Recruitment Office Enlisting Someone Else’s Kids to Die for Trump’s Re-Election

VALLE DE CHINGANDA IDIOTA RUBIA, CALIFORNIA -- Fox News contributing racist and jingoism expert Tammy Larue was spotted at her local army recruitment office this morning. Just hours after President Trump ordered a drone strike in Iraq that killed...

Americans React to Iran’s Leader Saying The White House is ‘Afflicted by Mental Retardation’

Tensions are undeniably flaring between Iran and the Trump administration. Last week, President Trump says he called off a retaliatory strike against Iran -- who has taken credit for downing an American unmanned drone plane -- when he found...

Government Archivists Discover Original, All-Caps Declaration of Independence

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When President Donald Trump sent a middle of the night, all-caps threat to the Iranian president on Twitter last night, social media -- and especially his critics -- jumped all over him. Mr. Trump took to Twitter...

Ted Cruz: Iran Nuclear Deal Is ‘Obama and Kerry Doing Two Holocausts To Israel’

Ted Cruz wanted to one-up and upstage Mike Huckabee after the evangelical former governor compared Obama and Kerry to Nazis.

Netanyahu: Western Nuke Deal With Iran a ‘Serious Threat To My Warmongering’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not happy about what the new nuclear deal with Iran will mean for his posturing and rhetoric.

“My Own Personal Thoughts on the Iran Nuke Deal” by George W. Bush (and Dick Cheney)

An essay on George W. Bush's own personal beliefs on the Iran nuclear deal, co-written by Dick Cheney.

Over 4,000 Dead U.S. Soldiers Send Gear to John McCain With Note: ‘You First, A-Hole’

A group of veterans who died in Iraq have sent a clear message to one of America's top war mongers -- "Knock it the Hell off, a-hole."

“Why The U.S.-Iran Nuke Deal Is Bad, Bad, Bad” by John McCain

Senator John McCain sent the Chute this op-ed, explaining his opposition to the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal framework.

Senate Republicans Vow to ‘Punch Iran in the Dick’ Once Obama Leaves Office

Republicans in the Senate not only want to sabotage the U.S.-Iran nuclear negotiations, they want to punch Iran in the dick after Obama leaves.
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