Whiny Bitch Says He’d Suck Less at COVID-19 Response If Media Wasn’t So Mean To His Baby Ass

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A big, fat, whiny, entitled, spoiled bitch stood in the White House press briefing room and insisted to reporters yesterday that his idiotic administration full of all kinds of miscreants, morons, misanthropes, and worse -- Stephen...

British Ambassador Promises To Stop Having Opinions That Are Based In Fact

MERRY OLD LONDON TOWN IN JOLLY OLD ENG-UH-LAND -- British Ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, has found himself at the center of a swirling international controversy, based around leaked cables he sent regarding the Donald Trump presidential administration,...
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Donald Trump Finding Out

Well...shit. How didĀ thisĀ end up happening, anyway? Doesn't everyone indicting him understand the rules have never, and never will apply...
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