Immigration Reform

The Donald’s Campaign Unveils New MAGA Hoods

Have you seen the newest Trump hat?

Tennessee Man Sues El Pollo Loco To Change Name to “Crazy Chicken”

One man in Tennessee is fighting against immigration reform in a most unusual way.

Rick Santorum Worried All the Focus on Mexicans Not Leaving Enough Hate for Gays

Rick Santorum doesn't want American conservatives to lose track of one of their non-Mexican boogeymen.

Trump Wanted to Drop Detained Immigrants at Local Taco Bells and Del Tacos

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Trump has faced stiff backlash from Democratic lawmakers and various so-called "sanctuary" locations after announcing he was considering a plan to extradite detained illegal immigrants to within their city limits and leave them there. This...

Tennessee Trump Voter Wants Taco Bell Shut Down For ‘Being Too Mexican’

How one confused man's fight against Mexican immigrants led him on a crusade against a fast food chain.

New Mexico Trump Supporter Demands His State’s Name Be Changed to “New Freedom Land”

One man's fear of a Mexican immigrant invasion has him desperate to change the name of his new state.

Trump Administration Wants Planned Parenthood To Help With Separating Illegal Immigrant Children From Mothers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This morning, the Donald Trump administration turned heads and shocked perhaps a few million people when they announced that a partnership with Planned Parenthood between the White House and the country's leading provider of low cost...

Man Who Got C’s In High School English Demands Immigrants ‘Speak American’ or Go Home

"What do they think gives them the right to speak whatever language they want?"

AG Sessions: U.S. Could Pay For Trump’s Border Wall By Repealing 13th Amendment

Paying for Donald Trump's proposed border wall is meeting stiff opposition all over the political spectrum, but his AG has a plan for that.

President Trump Orders The Statue of Liberty’s Torch Blown Out

To save money and discourage immigration, President Trump has ordered the torch carried by the Statue of Liberty blown out.
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Experts Agree: Four Out of Five MAGAS Can’t Make Their Cousins Climax

Fascinating new data from the National Institute of Boner and Contraboner Research might be quite devastating for residents of...
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