illegal immigration

Planned Parenthood Announces New Partnership With ICE

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Planned Parenthood has announced a new partnership with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that they say will allow them to perform a lot more abortions each year. "As we were watching news reports of ICE agents...

Fox News: Tibia Lahren Uniquely Qualified To Identify Lazy, Low-Skilled People

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Last week, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly gave a controversial interview to NPR in which he seemed to indicate a belief that many immigrants who come to the United States are unskilled and do...

Undocumented Taiwanese Dreamer Studying Spanish In Case Trump Deports Her

Even though she's from Taiwan, one Dreamer has begun brushing up on her Spanish to prepare for a possible deportation by Trump.

Trump Policy Adviser Stephen Miller Says 7.2 Trillion Illegal Immigrants Voted Last Year

Senior Trump official Stephen Miller doubles down on his claims of rampant voter fraud in the election his boss won last year.
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46th Smartest President Allowed Back on Facebook and Instagram

Citing their policy to be "open to humans of all intelligence levels," Meta has announced that they will lift...
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