Trump Asks Joint Chiefs If U.S. Can ‘Nuke Coronavirus Like a Hurricane’

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Projecting an air of confidence and competence has been a mainstay of President Donald Trump's tenure. Mr. Trump has often boasted to the media and particularly his strong, if not small base of loyal supporters, that...

National Weather Administration Will Rename Next Hurricane “Sherman”

After Harvey, Irma, and Jose all dissipate, a weather agency will rename the next hurricane to hit the region "Hurricane Sherman."

Trump: Hurricane Harvey a Chinese Hoax Perpetrated by the Deep State on Behalf of Obama

Everyone knows that the blame for Hurricane Harvey rests with President Barack Obama and the Chinese government. Everyone. Knows. It.
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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