Trump Asks Joint Chiefs If U.S. Can ‘Nuke Coronavirus Like a Hurricane’

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Projecting an air of confidence and competence has been a mainstay of President Donald Trump's tenure. Mr. Trump has often boasted to the media and particularly his strong, if not small base of loyal supporters, that...

Poll: Majority Approve of Trump Using Nuclear Missile on Dorian If It’s Headed Toward Mar-A-Lago

Hurricane Dorian is picking up steam and headed toward Florida, having narrowly landfall in Puerto Rico. The island territory of the U.S. had become a recent rhetorical punching bag for President Donald Trump, but now Dorian is on a...

Trump Administration: More People Died In Bowling Green Massacre Than Puerto Rico During Hurricane Maria

WASHINGTON, D.C. --  While his administration oversees the nation's response to Hurricane Florence battering the eastern seaboard, President Donald Trump isn't finished casting doubt on Hurricane Maria's official death toll from last year. Trump angered critics when he blamed...

National Weather Administration Will Rename Next Hurricane “Sherman”

After Harvey, Irma, and Jose all dissipate, a weather agency will rename the next hurricane to hit the region "Hurricane Sherman."

Trump: Hurricane Harvey a Chinese Hoax Perpetrated by the Deep State on Behalf of Obama

Everyone knows that the blame for Hurricane Harvey rests with President Barack Obama and the Chinese government. Everyone. Knows. It.
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George Santos Announces Kitara Ravache Will Handle His Committee Assignments

Congressman George Santos (Q-NY) has had a pretty rough start to his freshman year in the House of Representatives. Before...
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