Hurricane Irma

Robertson Begs ‘The Gays’ to Only Do ‘Hand and Mouth Stuff’ Until After Hurricane Season

Televangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson has an interesting proposal for the LGBTQ community that he hopes will stop the hurricanes.

Trump Opens Mar-a-Lago For White Nationalists Displaced By Hurricane Irma

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, and inspired by a former adult magazine executive, President Trump offers Mar-A-Lago to displaced racists.

Trump Blames Hurricane Charity Check Delay On Not Doing Any Fundraisers For Cancer Kids Recently

Even though no one has seen the million dollar donation that Trump promised to make, Trump says it's coming. He just has to rob some cancer kids first.

National Weather Administration Will Rename Next Hurricane “Sherman”

After Harvey, Irma, and Jose all dissipate, a weather agency will rename the next hurricane to hit the region "Hurricane Sherman."

Trump Demands Mexico Change Hurricane Jose Name to “Joe”

President Donald Trump sent a sternly worded telegram to the Mexican president demanding an immediate name change for Hurricane Jose.

Trump Hopeful Tax Cuts For The One Percent Will Save Florida From Devastation of Hurricane Irma

With Hurricane Irma making landfall in Florida, President Donald Trump is hoping that if lawmakers rush tax cuts for the wealthy through, all will be okay.

Kirk Cameron Gives God Credit For Hurricanes, Satan Takes Credit for Kirk Cameron

Satan has revealed a secret business relationship with one of Hollywood's most lovable, formerly relevant child actors turned Jesus freaks.
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Op-Ed: Give Me Hunter Biden’s Dick Pics or Give Me Death!

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