Hurricane Harvey

Trump Shown Archival Footage of Auschwitz Liberation, Wonders at the ‘Size Of That Jew Crowd’

Recently, President Donald J. Trump was shown archival footage of the liberation of Auschwitz, and he noticed something about the crowd size.

God Wonders How Joel Osteen Failed At Flood Response Because He’s a Christian

Televangelist Joel Osteen kept his megachurch shut to victims of Hurricane Harvey for a short time, and that made God pretty mad.

FEMA Worried Their Camps Too Overrun With Obama Prisoners to Help Harvey Victims

With Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc, now FEMA is worried that former President Obama filled their camps with too many Republicans.

Trump Comforts Harvey Victims With Copies of 2016 Electoral College Map

After trillions of gallons of water, earth shattering winds, and days of battering weather, Donald Trump soothes the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey: Red Cross Says Thought and Prayer Warehouses Full, Could Use Actual Help Now

The Red Cross wants Americans to consider sending help for Harvey victims that's a little more useful than words and thoughts.

Trump: Hurricane Harvey a Chinese Hoax Perpetrated by the Deep State on Behalf of Obama

Everyone knows that the blame for Hurricane Harvey rests with President Barack Obama and the Chinese government. Everyone. Knows. It.

George W. Bush Offers to Head Up Trump’s Hurricane Non-Response Team

With Hurricane Harvey pounding the Gulf Coast, an unexpected hero emerges: Former President George W. "Katrina" Bush. Phew!

Pat Robertson Wonders If Hurricane Harvey Caused By Awkward Boner During “Magic Mike” Viewing

The 700 Club's patriarch, Pat Robertson, is afraid that a momentary lack of control over his groin reactions brought on Hurricane Harvey.
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