House Democrats

Trump Jr. to Hannity: “You Ever Notice the Democrats Won’t Impeach The President of China?”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- He might keep making allegations about last November's election being "stolen" from his father, but Donald Trump Jr is also starting to speak publicly in ways that indicate he and his family have started...

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Officially Declare Him Above The Law and ‘More Co-Equaler’ Than Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Unites States of America seems to be sliding ever quicker into a full-blown Constitutional crisis, and President Donald Trump told media outlets today he plans to "bigly resolve the drama" by seeking redress from the...

Trump Offers to Scratch Border Wall in Favor of Giant Retractable Dome

WASHINGTON. D.C. -- With the government shut down for over two weeks, and House Democrats showing no sign of budging on his demands, President Trump shocked millions today when he announced that he'd be willing to drop his demand...

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Force Ghost Talks About All His “Political Stunts”

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Force ghost takes a jaunt down memory lane.
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I Live in Arkansas. Can My 10 Year Old Work as a Bouncer at a Drag Bar?

I moved to Arkansas before I was a father, so I can't say that I'd even be thinking about...
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