InbredsOfTikTok Curates Content from Pro-Trump Users

While the Internet debates whether social media accounts that anonymously aggregate content for the purpose of fomenting outrage and directing targeted hate and abuse toward communities of people online should be tolerated, a new aggregator on the block is...

Pat Robertson: God Will Send Hurricanes to All 50 States If ‘Gays Keep Getting Married’

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Televangelist Pat Robertson has an ominous warning for America: Stop letting the gays get married, or else God will flood all fifty states. Robertson was speaking on his Monday morning podcast, "Wake Up With Jesus,"...

Steven Crowder Hates Socialism So Much He Thinks Trump Should Nationalize YouTube and Force Them to Monetize Him

MIERDA EN LA CABEZA, TEXAS -- Scientists aren't quite sure what right-wing YouTube star Steven Crowder is. He claims to be a "comedian," but there hasn't been anything he's said or done that can be peer-reviewed as "comedy." However,...

While In Afghanistan, VP Mike Pence Joins Taliban

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN -- Vice President Mike Pence embarked on his first trip to Afghanistan this week, which was a surprise visit for security reasons. Today Pence shocked perhaps the entire world when he announced while in the country that...

Scientists Studying If Canada Or Mexico Handle U.S. Refugees From President Trump’s America

With Donald Trump our next president, top researchers want to know if the U.S. has neighbors that can take its castoffs and refugees.

Actual Pile of Human Excrement Offers to Be 2016 GOP Nominee

Can a new underdog emerge and challenge Donald Trump for the GOP nomination?

GOP Strategist: Republican Candidates Need ‘Right Mix of Phobias’ to Win Primary Voters

One GOP strategist's take on how someone can win his party's nomination.
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George Santos Announces Kitara Ravache Will Handle His Committee Assignments

Congressman George Santos (Q-NY) has had a pretty rough start to his freshman year in the House of Representatives. Before...
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