Health and Human Services

White House: Hospitals Must Send COVID-19 Data to Trump’s AOL Account

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- According to a new presidential edict signed just this morning, hospitals in the United States have been ordered to send their COVID-19 related data to President Donald Trump's personal America Online account. The account, which the...

CDC Adds “Giant Orange Douchebag,” “GFY,” and “No” To Their Official Lexicon

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This weekend, word broke that the Health and Human Services department under the direction of the Donald Trump presidential administration ordered the Centers for Disease Control to stop using seven words in any documentation that pertains...
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I Live in Arkansas. Can My 10 Year Old Work as a Bouncer at a Drag Bar?

I moved to Arkansas before I was a father, so I can't say that I'd even be thinking about...
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