Is Weed Really Safe? Man Smokes Pot, Suffers Lava Burns 36 Hours Later

How safe is legal weed if you can smoke some literally days later get into an accident?

Trump Blames Weekend Missile Warning Scare On President Of Hawaii’s Incompetence

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This past weekend, residents in Hawaii were treated to quite a shock. In the early hours of Saturday morning local time, Hawaiians were sent emergency broadcast messages to their smart phones, warning them of an impending...

Major League Baseball Officially Renames Strikeout a “Trump Muslim Ban”

"We're also thinking of renaming the Washington Nationals to the Washington White Nationalists while Trump's in office."

Jeff Sessions Promises to Make it Clearer When He’s Telling a Racist Joke

Attorney General Jeff Sessions thinks he may have figured out a way to signal to the American people when he's just cracking a racist joke.

Jeff Sessions Apologizes to ‘Any Ocean Negros’ Who Were Offended by His Hawaii Comments

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants Hawaiians living on those islands in the pacific he's very, very sorry. Truly. Very.
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I Live in Arkansas. Can My 10 Year Old Work as a Bouncer at a Drag Bar?

I moved to Arkansas before I was a father, so I can't say that I'd even be thinking about...
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